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Domme Domme

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Nice job!

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Vixxen Vixxen

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DidiEsmeralda responds:

Thanks Omegamandan, I glad you like it :3

Metroid Metroid

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Beautiful! I love the tone effects!

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Skarlet Skarlet

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Hey Chris, thank you for following my newgrounds. The review system is here to help artists so I'm gonna give you some pieces of advice to help better improve your art.

1. learn anatomy: This piece has some serious issues with the anomy, her left arm is shorter than it should be, not to mention the neck does not line up well with the body due to it's heavy thickness. If you look at your own body you can see that people's arms elbows generally are the same height as their belly buttons(This is the best way to gouge the size of a character's arm you are drawing). A good way to help is to study anatomy books, I see your style most resembles cartooning and anime but learning about realistic baseline anatomy will severely help with your art.

Most people worry to much about style then they do anatomy.

Here's some resources to study from:

2. Colors:

Your colors are way too saturated, not to mention you're using the color white as the main highlight which is not a good move by any means from experience.

You might wanna look into color theory, here's a google search so you can study and learn from it.*

You can also look up color theory charts which can be a big help in the long run, look up many tutorials! Google is your friend!

Hopefully you decide to look into these things and improve your art, by no means you are a bad artist, but you definitely need serious help to improve our work.

P.s keep up with the pixel pieces, they have been doing really well(don't abandon normal lineart, you can get better and I believe you can!).

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StaticSkull responds:

Thank you :)

Stream Banner Stream Banner

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Amazing, do you have a link to where you stream?

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3DRod responds:

I usually stream on picartoTV here:

Nocturna Nocturna

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I love it!

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Beep Beep

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Love it!

oyasumi hologram oyasumi hologram

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I hate to repeat what everyone else is saying but you need to improve on your hand anatomy(Specifically the girl on the right). This is seriously the only issue in my opinion.

Besides the picture is perfect dude, great colors, facial expression and all. Your female anatomy is great too, just try and improve on hands and you'll be doing great.

Hope this didn't come off mean or anything, I love your work and just wanna see you do great.

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Pokemon Sun n Moon Pokemon Sun n Moon

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"I see ya" "I see ya"

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Hey, this came out great for the most part. Love the girls design.

I think the only issue with this piece is the anatomy over the breasts, her head and left arm don't align well with the rest of the body(The are much larger).

Besides that the piece came out really well.

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