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New art is out, check it out!

New Wonder Woman art!

2017-06-06 09:10:42 by Omegamandan

Go check it out!

Mermay stream was successful! Finished it on the right time! Be sure to follow my Picarto!

Mermay Process still going

2017-05-26 11:39:35 by Omegamandan

Mermay Process Sketch

2017-05-26 10:19:41 by Omegamandan

Working on Mermay stuff, keep attention everyone!

I drew X-O manowar!

2017-05-15 13:25:49 by Omegamandan

Decided to draw X-O Manorwar from Valiant comics, anyway click the link to see it and be sure to vote on it :)

Hey everyone, I'm REALLLLLLLLY sorry about the long wait for art.

If you had noticed, I havent been very active art wise on social media and I have a good reason for this as well!

Streams has stopped as well.

I had no access to my computer or art tablet!

My room ended up getting renovated! All carpet and walls completely changed, new coat of paint and everything!

I draw DIGITALLY, and even if I wanted to draw on paper, I have no ink pens! Thankfully I've been sketching in my sketch book so I've been keeping up with art at least on a small scale!

I had to move to my old room that I had in highschool, really tiny room that couldnt fit a PC!

I've been activily tweeting this entire situation (FOLLOW MY TWITTER FOR CONSTANT UPDATES).

But as of now, I'M BACK!

Right now my room is essentially done, everything is set up for the most part save for my fuck ton of comics(I HAVE WAY TO MUCH).

Streams should continure soon, also expect art as well!


New Bea night In The Woods Fan Art!

I do regular art streams over at

I stream very regulary and have a mic, if specified i will have music on.